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Attendee Gallery

Who is going to be at AutomataCon this year? Here's a few!

These ticket purchasers agreed to have their upcoming attendance shared on our web site when they purchased their ticket. The list is subject to change, of course, but we look forward to seeing them all at the con!

(Links leave the web site and do not represent Automatacon)

Updated 5/16/2022

Vance Bass, Enthusiast / Repairer from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Richard Chadwick, Enthusiast from Detroit

John Chismar, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Bloomfield

Randall Cleaver, Artist / Maker from Takoma Park, MD

Alan Conquergood, Artist / Maker from Canada

Michael Croft, Artist / Maker / Collector from Tucson

Steven Fischer, Enthusiast from Sylvan Lake, Michigan,  USA

Chris Fitch, Artist / Maker / Restorer from Boston, MA

John Gaughan, Artist / Maker / Restorer from Los Angeles, CA

Philip Gibson, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Warrenton USA

Kenneth Goldman, Collector from Westwood, MA.  USA

Tom Haney, Artist / Maker from Atlanta, GA USA

Joshua Hudak, Artist / Maker from Webster, NY USA

Robert Jeffway, Enthusiast from SOUTH DEERFIELD

Paula Joerling, Enthusiast from Atlanta, GA USA

Andy Kaufman, Collector from Ponte Vedra Beach

Aaron Kramer, Artist/Maker/Enthusiast from Los Angeles, CA

Hap Korsen, Collector from Ramsey, USA

Linda Korsen, Collector Ramsey, USA

Dave Lennox, Artist / Maker from Scarborough, Maine

Finn Lockwood, Enthusiast from Newtown, USA

Janet Marshman, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Harrisonburg

Frank Marshman, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast / Restorer from Harrisonburg

Sandra Martin-Goldman, Collector from Westwood, MA  USA

Pj Murray, Enthusiast from Canada

Lisa  H. Patire, Collector / Enthusiast from NJ USA

Joseph  S. Patire, Collector / Enthusiast from NJ USA

Dee Ruby-Omen, Enthusiast from Naugatuck, USA

Val Ruby-Omen, Enthusiast from Naugatuck, USA

Peter Ross, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from New York, USA

Jere, Steve, and Stephanie Ryder, Restorer / Enthusiasts from Morristown, NJ USA

Mark Setteducati, Artist / Maker from United States

Brian Smith, Enthusiast from Burlington Canada

Marie Smith, Enthusiast from Los Angeles, CA USA

Richard Tabor, Collector / Enthusiast from St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Kate Thompson, Artist / Maker from Vashon, WA USA

Carla Wiemer, Collector / Enthusiast from Springfield, MO USA

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