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Attendee Gallery (2024)

Who is coming to AutomataCon in 2024? Here's a few!

These ticket purchasers agreed to have their attendance shared on our web site when they purchased their ticket. 

(Links leave the web site and do not represent Automatacon)

Adams, Sam - Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from United States

Akuna, Paul - Artist / Maker / Collector / Enthusiast from Elk Grove, CA United States

Bowman, David - Artist / Maker from Mechanicsburg, PA. USA SalvageDolls@facebook

Chang, Jeff - Artist / Maker / Restorer from Los Angeles

Cleaver, Randall - Artist / Maker from Takoma Park, U.S.

Edwards, Martin - Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from London , United Kingdom

Falkenstern, Lisa - Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Riegelsville, PA

Garriott, Richard - Artist / Maker / Collector / Enthusiast from New York

Gaughan, John - Artist / Maker / Collector / Enthusiast / Historian / Restorer from Los Angeles

Goldman, Kenneth - Collector from Westwood, MA USA

Goldman, Sandra - Collector from Westwood, MA USA

Haney, Tom - Artist / Maker from Black Mountain, NC USA

Hayward, Mark - Artist / Maker from Madison (professional comedy yo-yo man site)

Horowitz, Marc - Artist and Editor of Automata Magazine, from Denver, Colorado

Joerling, Paula - Enthusiast from Black Mountain, NC, USA

Johnson, Cleveland - Enthusiast from State College, PA. United States

Kellis, Ronald - Enthusiast from Shelton WA

King, Elizabeth - Artist / Maker / Historian from Richmond, VA, USA and

Kinney, Ann - Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from New City

Korsen, Linda - Collector from Ramsey, NJ USA

Korsen, Hap - Collector from Ramsey NJ USA

Leland, Mary - Enthusiast from Madison NJ USA

Leland, Will - Enthusiast from Madison NJ USA

Lennox, David - Artist / Maker from Scarborough, MAINE USA

Litwin, Bradley - Artist / Maker from Philadelphia

lyu, lu - Artist / Maker from Pittsburgh

Mankita, Jay - Artist / Maker from Amherst, MA, USA

Marshman, Frank - Artist / Maker / Enthusiast / Restorer from Harrisonburg, VA USA

Marshman, Janet - Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Harrisonburg, VA USA

McGinn, Susan - Enthusiast from Amherst, MA, USA

Jan Middleton - Enthusiast from Mendham, USA

Newton, Carlton - Enthusiast from Richmond, VA, USA

Nordhauser, Steve - Enthusiast from Troy

Pilkey, Diane - Enthusiast from Shelton WA

Robertson, Anna - Enthusiast from United States

Rose, Ave - Artist / Maker from Los Angeles, USA

Ryder, Jere, Steve, and Stephanie - Restorer / Enthusiasts from Morristown, NJ USA

Schiller, Cecilia - Artist / Maker from Northern Wisconsin

Shandur, Marsha - Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Toronto, ON

Simmons, Ed - Enthusiast from Baltimore, MD, USA

Smith, Brian - Enthusiast from Burlington ON Canada

Tabor, Rich - Collector / Enthusiast from United States

Treyfid, Treiops - Artist / Maker from Los Angeles USA

Tupa, Mae - Enthusiast from Brookline

Tupa, Myron - Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Brookline

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