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Attendee Gallery (2022)

Who went to AutomataCon in 2022? Here's a few!

These ticket purchasers agreed to have their attendance shared on our web site when they purchased their ticket. 

(Links leave the web site and do not represent Automatacon)

Updated 5/16/2022

Vance Bass, Enthusiast / Repairer from Albuquerque, New Mexico

Richard Chadwick, Enthusiast from Detroit

John Chismar, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Bloomfield

Randall Cleaver, Artist / Maker from Takoma Park, MD

Alan Conquergood, Artist / Maker from Canada

Michael Croft, Artist / Maker / Collector from Tucson

Steven Fischer, Enthusiast from Sylvan Lake, Michigan,  USA

Chris Fitch, Artist / Maker / Restorer from Boston, MA

John Gaughan, Artist / Maker / Restorer from Los Angeles, CA

Philip Gibson, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Warrenton USA

Kenneth Goldman, Collector from Westwood, MA.  USA

Tom Haney, Artist / Maker from Atlanta, GA USA

Joshua Hudak, Artist / Maker from Webster, NY USA

Robert Jeffway, Enthusiast from SOUTH DEERFIELD

Paula Joerling, Enthusiast from Atlanta, GA USA

Andy Kaufman, Collector from Ponte Vedra Beach

Aaron Kramer, Artist/Maker/Enthusiast from Los Angeles, CA

Hap Korsen, Collector from Ramsey, USA

Linda Korsen, Collector Ramsey, USA

Dave Lennox, Artist / Maker from Scarborough, Maine

Finn Lockwood, Enthusiast from Newtown, USA

Janet Marshman, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Harrisonburg

Frank Marshman, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast / Restorer from Harrisonburg

Sandra Martin-Goldman, Collector from Westwood, MA  USA

Pj Murray, Enthusiast from Canada

Lisa  H. Patire, Collector / Enthusiast from NJ USA

Joseph  S. Patire, Collector / Enthusiast from NJ USA

Dee Ruby-Omen, Enthusiast from Naugatuck, USA

Val Ruby-Omen, Enthusiast from Naugatuck, USA

Peter Ross, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from New York, USA

Jere, Steve, and Stephanie Ryder, Restorer / Enthusiasts from Morristown, NJ USA

Mark Setteducati, Artist / Maker from United States

Brian Smith, Enthusiast from Burlington Canada

Marie Smith, Enthusiast from Los Angeles, CA USA

Richard Tabor, Collector / Enthusiast from St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Kate Thompson, Artist / Maker from Vashon, WA USA

Carla Wiemer, Collector / Enthusiast from Springfield, MO USA

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