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Frequently Asked Questions (2016)

  • Will there be food available at the convention?
    • Answer: Yes, on Saturday. The Morris Museum will have boxed lunches for sale on Saturday, including a vegetarian option. There will be tables set up in the museum pavilion for dining and conversation. Note that no food or beverages are allowed in the museum galleries or theatre, which includes all AutomataCon panel rooms. 
    • On Sunday, guests are on their own for food, but a list of nearby restaurants will be available. 
  • Do I need an event ticket?
    • Answer: Some programming will be available with just a museum ticket. However, much of the programming will require a convention ticket to attend (see Tickets, above). A list of the events of each type will be available at the convention.
  • Can I get a free or discount ticket if I help with programming?
    • Answer: AutomataCon is a convention of peers, and everyone is invited to contribute their knowledge and expertise through panels, presentations, and demonstrations. As such, we can't afford to offer discounts to panelists. Ticket prices go to covering the costs of the convention.
  • Can I show or sell my work or other goods at AutomataCon?
    • Answer: Information about  exhibiting and vending tables is available by contacting us at