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Vendor Policies

We are now accepting applications to vend or exhibit at AutomataCon 2018. The exhibit hall is in the main hall of the museum. Vending and exhibition is subject to the terms described below.

Vendor. A Vendor is anyone who is conducting sales. Vending requires a valid New Jersey business ID for collecting sales tax (see The tax certificate must be displayed at the table. There is a $50 charge for one-half (½) of a table or $100 for a full table in a public area. Tables in the public area must be manned at all times by a paid AutomataCon attendee. The table charge covers both Saturday and Sunday.

Exhibitor. An Exhibitor is someone who is exhibiting or demonstrating their work without conducting sales. There is no charge for an exhibitor table, though space is limited. Exhibitor tables can either be attended (with a chair, allowing for demonstrations), or unattended (no chair, display only. 

​​AutomataCon will provide the following:  One or one-half (½) of a 2’ x 6' table with tablecloth and a chair (if needed), and access to an electrical outlet. If electricity is required, the exhibitor should bring an appropriately rated 15’ extension cord and surge protector. Access to the Morris Museum’s secure wifi network will be provided.   

Tables will be available for setup on Saturday, May 19th, at 8:00 am. The conference will be open to attendees and the general public from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday.

Vendor/Exhibitor agrees to comply with all Rules of Conduct of AutomataCon, AutomataCon Vendor and Exhibitor Rules and Policies, and Morris Museum Rules and Policies, which are included in this document.

Note: Vendors should not send any money at this time. If your application is accepted, you will be sent a contract and instructions on how to pay.

Applications must be submitted by end-of-day February 28th. Space is limited, and tables will be assigned at the discretion of the organizers based on promptness of application and the needs of the convention.

AutomataCon Vendor and Exhibitor Rules and Policies

The AutomataCon 2018 convention will be held May 18-20, 2018 at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey
Vendors agree to pay AutomataCon $50.00 in exchange for the use of one-half (½) of a 2’ x 6’ table in the exhibitor hall or $100 for one (1) 2’ x 6’ table and one (1) chair.

Exhibitors will be given the use of one-half (½) of a 2’ x 6’ table in the exhibitor hall or one full 2’ x 6’8” table at the 2018 AutomataCon Convention at no charge. Attended tables will also have the use of one (1) chair. Ropes and stanchions will be provided in the hall to distance attendees from unmanned exhibitor tables. An AutomataCon attendant will be in the room during Exhibition Room hours.

Vendor/Exhibitor and AutomataCon agree to the following terms:

1.      Vendor/Exhibitor will be given access to the Vendor/Exhibition Room at 8am on Saturday (two hours before the room opens to the public), and at 9 am on Sunday (one hour before the room opens to the public).
2.      Vendor/Exhibitor shall either remove their display by 7pm Saturday night or agree to leave the display intact in the exhibition room overnight, at their own risk.
3.      Vendor/Exhibitor shall remove their display by 5pm on Sunday.
4.      Vendor/Exhibitor and any table staff must be ticketed AutomataCon attendees and display their badge at all times.
5.      Vendor/Exhibitor will not vend any items or services at the Convention other than those listed on the application without prior written consent from AutomataCon.
6.      Items sold must be legal under the laws and regulations of the United States of America, State of New Jersey, Morris County and the Town of Morristown.  If Vendor/Exhibitor is caught selling, advertising or otherwise dealing any goods or services deemed illegal he/she will be removed from the Convention immediately with no monetary compensation.
7.      Vendor/Exhibitor will accept full responsibility for the collection and payment of any and all local, state and federal taxes.
8.      Vendor agrees that they have a valid business ID for collecting sales tax in New Jersey and will display the certificate at their table.
9.      Vendor/Exhibitor's display will not exceed the space provided by AutomataCon. The booth shall be kept clean and orderly.
10.   Vendor/Exhibitor shall follow all applicable laws and regulations of the Town of Morristown, Morris County and the State of New Jersey.
11.   Vendor/Exhibitor and their staff will be properly dressed and their appearance will be clean and neat and they shall conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and in accordance with the Rules of Conduct of AutomataCon which are hereby incorporated into this agreement and by reference made a part hereof.
12.   There shall be no loud distracting music, noise and/or sound amplification devices used at Vendor/Exhibitor's booth, unless the sound is part of the artwork or items on display. In this case, the sound should only be enabled during active demonstrations.
13.   If Vendor/Exhibitor is selling adult materials or goods they shall be displayed in a discrete manner. 
14.   AutomataCon reserves the right to restrict the operation or display of any exhibit that may become objectionable to AutomataCon, Morris Museum, other Vendor/Exhibitors or the public.
15.   Vendor/Exhibitor shall leave the location free from trash and in a similar condition as it was found.
16.   AutomataCon and Morris Museum assume no responsibility for any property placed on site by the Vendor/Exhibitor and AutomataCon is hereby expressly relieved and discharged from any and all liability for any claims, loss, injury, or damage to persons or property that may develop or be sustained in connection with participation in the AutomataCon Convention.
17.   If Vendor/Exhibitor cancels their participation in AutomataCon, such cancellation shall be considered a default on its part, any monies paid hereunder shall be retained by AutomataCon.
18.   AutomataCon and Morris Museum shall not be liable to Vendor/Exhibitor for any damages or expenses incurred by Vendor/Exhibitor in the event the Convention is delayed, interrupted or not held as scheduled, and if for any reason beyond the control of AutomataCon the convention is not held. 
19.   Vendor/Exhibitor agrees to abide by the Morris Museum Exhibition Policy as described below.

Morris Museum Exhibition Policy

IX.    Content Guidelines


The Morris Museum recognizes that the free exchange of ideas is the very foundation of democracy and fully respects First Amendment rights.  However, the Museum reserves the right to limit some content in certain cases.  For example, two annual exhibitions of students’ work, Fresh Perspectives and the Mary Gill Art Scholarships are presented at the Museum and the content may be limited to restrict any artwork with a subject matter deemed inappropriate by a public school official.  This includes, but is not limited to, portrayals of excessive violence, excessive nudity or pornography, drug or alcohol use, or any other illegal activities. 

Additionally, portrayals of pornography or excessive violence will not be exhibited at the Museum (consistent with the Museum’s family-focused orientation) unless there is a compelling interest to present such materials, i.e. the educational, social, or historical value outweighs censoring such materials.  Prior to opening an exhibit including any material that may be considered as potentially objectionable, the Museum shall seek public input regarding the inclusion of such materials.  If an exhibition contains any subject matter that may be objectionable to some visitors, proper warnings will be presented prior to entering the gallery.    It is the responsibility of the Executive Director and Board of Trustees to handle disputes regarding censorship and to guard the curator’s intellectual freedom in the face of political pressures.

We are now accepting applications for tables in the Exhibitor Hall at AutomataCon. Please read the terms at the bottom of this page before submitting an application. Applications must be submitted by Feb 28, 2018.