Latest Additions:

Sam Adams, Artist / Maker from Philadelphia, PA

Richard Garriott de Cayeux, Collector from New York / Austin
Kevin Kline, Collector / Historian from Miami, FL, USA
Nick Lerescu, Enthusiast from Fort Pierce, FL, USA
PJ Murray, Enthusiast from Canada
Steven Parker, Artist / Maker from Katonah
Marilyn Tepperberg, Enthusiast from Davie,  USA
Ann Trautmann, Collector / Enthusiast from Charlottesville, Virginia
Ellyn Trautmann (Pflug), Collector / Enthusiast from Long Island, NY
Laura Zelaya, Artist / Maker from colón E. R  Argentina


Dawn Delikat, Historian from Newark, NJ

Jere Ryder,  Collector, Restorer, Historian from Summit, NJ
Stephen Ryder,  Historian and Enthusiast from Summit, NJ
Stephanie Ryder,  Collector and Enthusiast from Cranford, NJ

Hap Korsen, Enthusiast from Ramsey, NJ

John Gaughan, Collector / Historian from Los Angeles, CA

Jim Casey, Artist / Maker from Clermont, FL USA

Caitlin Davis, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Brooklyn, NY

Joseph Peknick, Enthusiast from Brooklyn, NY

Carla Wiemer, Enthusiast from Springfield, MO USA

Philippe Crasse,  Collector, Historian, Restorer from Toulouse, France

Eve Chaillat, Collector, Historian, Restorer from Toulouse, France

Patricia Keck, Enthusiast from Andover

​Steve Nordhauser, Enthusiast from Troy, NY

​Marian Van Dijk, Collector from Utrecht Netherlands

Joseph Marinelli, Enthusiast from the United States​


Alan Conquergood, Artist / Maker from Canada

Rajiv Dholakia, Artist / Maker / Collector / Enthusiast from Berkeley

Tim Griffiths, Enthusiast from Birmingham UK

Ed Hmurovic, Enthusiast from Whiting, Indiana, USA
Bradley Litwin, Artist / Maker from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - USA

Steve Mansee, Enthusiast from Chicago, USA

Joseph Marinelli, Enthusiast from United States

Dug North, Artist / Maker from Nashua, NH USA
Maria Start, Artist / Maker / Collector / Historian / Restorer from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Michael Start, Artist / Maker / Collector / Historian / Restorer from United Kingdom


Juliana Areias, Enthusiast from Perth, Australia
Rico Bertschinger, Artist / Maker from Sitges/ Spain
Zdenka Bertschinger, Artist / Maker from Sitges/ Spain
Edward Cady, Enthusiast from Cohoes, NY
John Chismar, Artist / Maker from Bloomfield, NJ USA
Chomick and Meder, Artists / Makers from St. Petersburg, FL USA
Randall Cleaver, Artist / Maker from Takoma Park MD
Michael Croft, Artist / Maker / Collector from Tucson, AZ USA
Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, Artist / Maker from Perth, Australia
David Dumbrell, Artist / Maker from Vancouver BC. Canada
Marcy Ernster, Collector from Cedarburg, WI U.S.A.
Mark Ernster, Collector from Cedarburg, WI U.S.A.
Hans Fex, Enthusiast from United States
Chris Fitch, Artist / Maker / Restorer from Boston
Daniel Gelon, Artist / Maker from Seattle, WA USA
Tom Haney, Artist / Maker from Atlanta, USA
Wayne Hensche, Artist / Maker / Collector from Grand Marais, MN USA
Edgar Hume, Enthusiast / Restorer from Lexington
Paula Joerling, Enthusiast from Atlanta, USA
Rachel (Olli) Johnson, Artist / Maker from Minneapolis, USA
michael kam, Collector from Newnan
Ron Kellis, Enthusiast from Alexandria VA
Paul Kerns, Enthusiast from Lancaster, Ohio
Falk Keuten, Artist / Maker from Bonn, Germany
Aaron Kramer, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Santa Monica CA USA
Louise Krasniewicz, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast / Historian from Philadelphia, PA USA
Mary LaGanke, Enthusiast from Novelty, ohio
Tim LaGanke, Collector / Enthusiast / Historian / Restorer from Cleveland, (Novelty), Ohio
Doug Lenat, Enthusiast from Austin
John Morgan, Artist / Maker from Opelika AL, USA
Eleanor Moty, Enthusiast from Tucson  USA

Felix Needlworthy, Artist / Maker / Enthusiast from Minneapolis, MN USA
Lindsey Pei, Artist / Maker from Lancaster, PA USA
Sergio Pinese, Artist / Maker / Collector / Enthusiast from Basel, Switzerland
Beth Richwine, Enthusiast from Takoma Park MD
Ellen Rixford, Artist / Maker from New York City, NY USA
Cecilia Schiller, Artist / Maker from United States
Mary Shepherd, Collector from Austin
Brian Smith, Collector / Enthusiast from Burlington, Canada
Barbara Summer, Artist / Maker from Forest Grove Or
Pete Talbot, Artist / Maker from Montpelier, VT
Ron Tyrrell, Artist / Maker from Forest Grove Or

Joerg Wendel, Artist / Maker / Collector from Ruedesheim/ Germany
Dan Burstyn, Enthusiast from King of Prussia, PA
Lori Griffith, Collector / Enthusiast from King of Prussia, PA
Kerry Sisselman, Artist / Maker / Collector / Enthusiast from Hollywood, FL
Susan Sisselman, Collector / Enthusiast from LAKE WORTH, FL

Attendee Gallery

Here are some of the attendees who have already purchased tickets for AutomataCon 2018 and asked to be listed in our Attendee Gallery. Our attendees make the convention!

Note: Attendee web sites linked below are unaffiliated with AutomataCon. Please e-mail to make any updates to your listing..