​​​​​​Louise Krasniewicz, Artist, Historian from Belmar, NJ

Thomas Kuntz, Artist from Los Angeles, CA

Tim LaGanke, Collector from Novelty, OH

Anthony Lent, Artist from New York, NY

David Lindow, Artist from Lake Ariel, PA 

Becky Lindow, Enthusiast from Lake Ariel, PA

Dean Lucker, Artist from St. Paul, MN

Sandra Martin-Goldman, Collector from Needham, MA

Pierre Mayer, Artist and magician from Paris, France

John Morgan, Artist from Opelika, AL

Dug North, Artist from Lowell, MA

Steven Parker, Artist from New York, NY

Joseph and Lisa Patire, Collectors from Pompton Plains, NJ

Phillip Peck, Artist from Philadelphia, PA

Joseph Peknik III, Enthusiast from New York, NY

​Warren Perry, Artist from Everett, Ontario, Canada

Arthur Poore, Artist from Bayshore, NY 

Georges Proust, Collector and Restorer from Paris, France

Beth Richwine, Enthusiast from Takoma Pk, MD

Jere Ryder, Collector, Restorer, Historian

Stephen Ryder, Collector and Historian from Summit, NJ

Ellen Rixford, Artist, Author, and Enthusiast from New York, NY

Cecilia Schiller, Artist from St. Paul, MN

Larry Seidman, Collector and Enthusiast from Springfield, VA

Ola Silvera, Enthusiast from New York, NY

Kerry Sisselman, Artist and Collector from Hollywood, FL

Susan Sisselman, Collector and Enthusiast from Lake Worth, FL

Alexa Smith, Enthusiast from San Francisco, CA

Michael and Maria Start, Restorers and Artists from Scotland, UK

Pete Talbot, Artist from Burlington, VT

Wulf Vaughan, Artist from Hackensack, NJ

Jacques Voignier, Collector from Paris, France

Wade Warman, Artist from Old Town, ME

​Ted Whisenhunt, Artist from Young Harris, GA

Frank Wicks. Artist, Collector, and Restorer from USA

Julie Wosk, Historian from New York, NY

Attendees from 2016

Here are the names, locations, and links to the web sites of some of our registered attendees who asked to be listed on our web site. Our attendees made the convention!

Note: Attendee sites are unaffiliated with AutomataCon. Please e-mail info@automatacon.org to make any updates to or to remove your listing.


Brian Flanagan, Collector from NJ

Don Becker, Artist from Bethesda, MD

Fran Blanche, Restorer from Philadelphia, PA

Matthew Cox, Artist from New York, NY

Dawn Delikat, Historian from Newark, NJ

Joanna Ebenstein, Enthusiast from Brooklyn, NY

Hans Fex, Enthusiast from Sterling, USA

Vincent Giovannoni, Historian from Marseille, France

​Alan Gottlieb, Collector from Parkland, FL

Levi Guzman, Enthusiast from Austin, TX

Ellen Hanauer, Artist from Verona, NJ

Marion Harris, Collector from New York, NY

Edgar Hume, Restorer from Lexington, KY

​Steve Hynnek, Artist from Minneapolis, MN

Paul A. Kerns, Enthusiast from Lancaster, OH 

Hap Korsen, Collector from Ramsey, NJ

Louise Krasniewicz, Artist and Historian from Belmar, NJ

Fred LaValley, Collector from Philadelphia, PA

Robert LeClair, Artist from Agawam, USA

Charles Meeks, Collector from Marietta, OH

Rebecca Mercuri, Historian from Hamilton, NJ

Edon Muhaxheri, Artist from Kosovo

Avni Patel, Enthusiast from Blue Bell, PA

Lindsey Pei, Artist from Lancaster, PA

​Irene Purificato, Artist from Troy, NY

Stephanie Ryder, Collector from Cranford, NJ

Bill Schmeelk, Enthusiast from Hillsdale, NJ

Ron Schmuck, Restorer from Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada

Jimmie Small, Enthusiast from Denville, NJ

Richared Sproat, Historian from Hamilton

John Whitenight, Collector from Philadelphia

Meir Yedid, Enthusiast from Fair Lawn, NJ

Carl Zachmann, Artist from Fergus Falls

Jeffrey Zahmann, Artist from Fergus Falls


​​​​​Sam Adams, Artist from Philadelphia, PA

John Alviti, Historian from Philadelphia, PA

​​Steve Armstrong, Artist from Lexington, KY

Andrew Baron, Artist and Restorer from Santa Fe, NM

Edward Cady, Enthusiast from Cohoes, NY

Susannah Carroll, Historian from Philadelphia, PA

Sam Cobb, Artist from Portland, OR

​Brittany Cox, Artist, Restorer from Seattle, WA 

Randall Cleaver, Artist and Enthusiast from Takoma Pk, MD

Eve Crasse, Historian, Collector, and Restorer from Toulouse, France

Philippe Crasse, Historian, Collector, and Restorer from Toulouse, France

Michael Croft, Artist from Tuscon, AZ

Bob Desrochers, Enthusiast from Lititz, PA

​Maurice Feely, Collector and Enthusiast from Leeds, UK

Chris Fitch, Artist from the USA​

Stephen Franke, Enthusiast from Appleton, WI

Kim and Larry Garland, Collectors from Seven Valleys, PA

Richard Garriott de Cayeux, Collector from New York, NY

John Gaughan, Artist, Collector, Historian, Restorer from Los Angeles, CA

Octavia Gausden, Collector and Enthusiast from Leeds, UK

Daniel Gelon, Artist and Enthusiast from Seattle, WA

Dick George, Artist from London, UK

Moe Goldy, Collector and Restorer from Port St Lucie, FL

Kenneth Goldman, Collector and Historian from Needham, MA

David Groupe, Collector and Enthusiast from Great Mills, MD

Dave Johnson, Artist from Portland, Oregon

​Jeremy Johnson, Artist from Covington, USA

J.E. Johnson, Artist from Austin, TX

​Ollie Johnson, Artist from Minneapolis, MN

Tom Haney, Artist from Atlanta, GA

​Brad Henderson, Collector from Austin, TX

Dr. Robert and Marja Horowitz, Enthusiasts from Somerset, NJ

Michael Kam, Collector from Newnan, GA

Falk Keuten, Inventor, Author, and Enthusiast from Bonn, Germany

Brett King, Artist and Enthusiast from Cary, NC 

Aaron Kramer, Artist and Collector from Santa Monica, CA


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